M.A. Program in Conference Interpreting

The M.A. Program in Conference Interpreting, offered by the Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies, is designed as a two-year, multilingual Program without a thesis. The Program aims to recruit students from among university graduates who hold a degree in a wide range of subjects such as interpreting, law, business administration, international relations, economics, medicine and engineering. The language of instruction will be English and the candidates will need to be competent in Turkish, English and in either French, German, Spanish or Italian (languages other than Turkish and English, which are compulsory, are determined in the term of the program's openning).

The M.A. Program in Conference Interpreting has two major interrelated aims. The first aim of the program is to provide the students with the necessary skills they need to work as simultaneous conference interpreters in view of the growing need for multilingual conference interpreters and especially in view of Turkey's EU membership in the future. The second aim of the program is to create critical awareness in the students with regard to their own processes and positions and to ensure research competency in the rapidly expanding discipline of Interpreting Studies by familiarizing them with the theories, tools and methods of the field.