1. MA Program in Translation

The Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies offers a program leading to an MA Degree in Translation. The program is designed to accommodate students with different qualifications as well as graduates of the Department, offering them theoretical study in addition to further practice in translation. It aims to prepare students for careers in translation, editing, academic research, and teaching.

The program is open to all candidates with an undergraduate degree and proficiency in English and Turkish as well as one other language. Candidates for admission must fulfill the requirements specified in the Regulations of the Institute of Social Sciences.

To fulfill the requirements of the MA Degree in Translation, students must complete a total of 25 credits of course work, including a translation project and a scholarly thesis submitted in standard format.


First Semester

Second Semester

TR 501 Approaches in Translation


INT 502 İleri Eşzamanlı Çeviri II


TR 511Literary Translation I


TR 522 Translation Criticism


TR 521 Translation Theories


TR 530 Research Techniques in Translation


TR 529 Stylistics


TR 532 Translation Project



 TR 579 Graduate Seminar


  12   13
   TR 690 Thesis      


TOTAL: 25 credits

All courses and course definitions of the MA Program in Translation may be seen under the graduate catalogue pages of Bogaziçi University. The link indicated below provide the most recent information about new courses or changes in course titles, definitions or credits as accepted by the university senate.

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