Boğaziçi University Department of Translation & Interpreting Studies was founded in the academic year 1983-1984. Then named the Department of Translation & Interpreting, it was the first department in Turkey to offer education at an undergraduate level in the field of translation and interpreting. The Department of Translation and Interpreting changed its name to the Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies on 20.07.2004, and became part of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences on 19.11.2004. The aim of the undergraduate program is to train translators and interpreters who possess an advanced degree of competence in Turkish and English, who are knowledgeable about the cultures and institutions bound up with both of these languages, acquainted with theoretical and critical approaches to the field of translation, and experienced in applying their knowledge. Our graduates should know at least one foreign language besides English sufficiently well as to be able to perform translation using it, and they should be familiar with issues and terminology in areas such as the social sciences, political science, economics, literature and history. In the first three years of the undergraduate program, all students take the same departmental classes, but in the fourth year they specialize and attend courses in either (written) translation or interpreting. What branch a student is able to follow is determined by his or her average grade in interpreting courses up until the end of the third year and by an interpreting exam at the end of the same year.